Cultural Experiences at Disney’s Epcot

What makes Disney stand out among other theme parks is the focus it puts on celebrating other cultures. Epcot offers an inside view into life in countries such as England, Japan, Mexico, France, and Canada. At Epcot, you can find realistic recreations of major sights in these countries, as well as performances and restaurants that showcase the countries’ major attractions.

Taking your children to Epcot is a great way to expose them to the rich cultures of the world. In Epcot, the majority of the employees are natives of their representative countries. These employees offer a welcoming and realistic view into their cultures. You and your family can visit the many stores in Epcot that feature products unique to their specific cultures. You can find exquisite perfume from Italy, as well as Beatles paraphernalia from England.

In addition to unique cultural items, you can also see performances that display each culture’s heritage and history. For example, if you go to the English part of Epcot, you may be lucky enough to catch a tribute Beatles band. If you are in Japan, you can see traditional dancers perform. No matter where you are in Epcot, you are sure to see entertaining acts that are also culturally informative.

Epcot also offers cuisine from all of its different sections. The food is authentic and delicious to try. If you are a fan of steak, you will absolutely love the Canadian steakhouse in Epcot. They offer quality meat, as well as Canadian specialties. Food is one of the best ways to experience a culture, and Epcot offers some of the highest quality and most authentic ethnic food.

Epcot is both a magical and educational part of Disney, as it offers a realistic and entertaining perspective of life in other countries. You can look forward to an interesting and educational experience at Disney’s Epcot.

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