Planning a Disney Trip in the Off-Season

As far as summer vacations go, Disney is one of the post popular destinations. Many people choose a Disney summer vacation because their children are off from school during the warm months. Visiting the theme park in summer is great, as you can see all of the attractions in a warm and sunny environment. However, visiting Disney in summer can also mean lots of crowds and long lines. Planning a Disney vacation in the off-season is a way to experience the park without the stress of crowds or sweltering summer temperatures.

If you have very young children who are not yet in school, you can easily plan a family vacation to Disney in the off-season. October is a great time to visit, as temperatures are starting to cool off. Also, because most children are in school at that time, you will find that the lines are significantly shorter. Shorter lines means the opportunity to see more attractions and ride more thrill rides. Both you and your children will be happy to be able to experience Disney without added stress, especially if you are first-time visitors.

Another opportune time to visit Disney is during a school vacation. Many families visit Disney in December around Christmas. This is also a very special time at the theme park. All of Disney is beautifully adorned with winter and Christmas decorations. There are also special performances and fireworks shows that make a December Disney vacation very special. If you have the opportunity to visit on Christmas day, you can see the world-famous Disney parade.

Any time is great to visit Disney. If your schedule only allows for a summer vacation, you can enjoy the water rides and warm weather. If you have more flexibility, however, visiting Disney in the off-season is a great way to see the attractions and avoid large crowds.

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