Preparing for Hot Summer Adventures at Disney

Disney’s location makes it an ideal place for summer vacation. With all of the sunshine and warm weather you could ask for, Disney is a great place to visit during June, July, or August. Summer is also an ideal time for children who have school vacation during these months. However, summer also means high temperatures and the potential for dehydration, fatigue, and sunburn. With a few tips and preparation, however, you can have a pleasant and safe summer adventure at Disney.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind while visiting Disney in the summer is to keep hydrated. You will be doing lots of walking in extremely hot temperatures, so drinking liquids is key in remaining healthy and happy while at the park. Always remember to keep bottled water on hand, especially when you are standing in line for attractions. While it may be tempting to go after a soda, water will keep you the most hydrated.

Walking around the park in high temperatures can also make you feel very tired and fatigued. Remember that if you get tired, it is okay to stop and take breaks. Your children may also get tired, so a great alternative to being outside is attending an in-door show. There are performances that are highly entertaining and that take place out of the heat.

You will also want to keep sunscreen handy while visiting Disney in the summer. Because you will be outside so often, it is nearly impossible to avoid the sun’s dangerous rays. Returning to the park the next day with a sunburn is not a fun experience, so it is important to prepare ahead of time with a high SPF sunblock.

With a few preparations and thinking ahead, you are on your way to an excellent summer adventure at Disney. Also remember to take advantage of Splash Mountain in order to really cool off!

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