Disney World

Visiting Disney World is every kid’s dream. It also turns out to be a great place for the entire family to go on vacation. Disney World has been around since 1971 – that’s 41 years! They sure know what they are doing when it comes to entertaining vacationers. Couples and families have been having wonderful and memorable vacations at Disney World since they opened. In fact, Disney World is the most visited resort in the world!

When you’re at Disney World there is never a shortage of things to do for the entire family. Disney World has four main theme parks. Each park is its own unique stand-alone attraction. You can find a vacation’s worth of entertainment in each of them! Most of the vacation packages you can get for your Disney Vacation include access to all four of the major theme parks. This is basically a guarantee that there will never be a dull moment on your vacation!

Even if you do get through the theme parks or want to change things up a bit, you have options. There are two huge water parks available for those who visit Disney World. Both of the parks have their own great reasons to visit them. They are probably two of the highest quality water parks in the world. That means when you visit the water parks you’re in for a fun and wet adventure or maybe a relaxing time floating around if that’s what you prefer.

Of course, when you think of Disney World, all of the wonderful movies and characters that we all grow up with come to mind. When you visit Disney World you’re bound to run into all the great Disney characters. Children and even some parents just love to get their picture taken and spend some time with the characters they love. Whether you love Mickey and Mini, Pluto, Nemo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, or any of the other popular characters you will definitely find them as you explore all that Disney World has to offer.

Disney World has even more to offer to you on your vacation. There are 23 themed resort hotels for you to choose from with events and attractions of their own. Plenty of performances like Cirque Du Soleil are available to attend. There are plenty of high quality restaurants and them cafes where you can get a great bite to eat as you prepare for the next part of your vacation. Disney World has everything to offer and a vacation here is one you will never forget!