Downtown Disney

Downtown DisneySure everyone loves to go to all of the amazing parks at Disney World during their Disney Vacation. People love to see all the things they have seen on TV and in movies, like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But there is another place that can make for a great detour on your Disney Vacation. This place is called Downtown Disney.

The first great reason to come to Downtown Disney is that there is absolutely no admission fee! The Downtown Disney area is a large development divided into three areas: West Side, Marketplace, and Pleasure Island. Each area has its own collection of entertainment, dining, shopping, theme parks, and much more. Whether you go as a couple or as an entire family you will never be bored in Downtown Disney.

After a long day checking out the sites with your family in Disney World, take any public or Disney transit down to Downtown Disney. You can take the kids to plenty of places they will remember for the rest of their lives! Eat dinner at one of the many themed restaurants with great food. Chow down next to animated dinosaurs or grab lunch at a rainforest themed cafe with tons of animals your kids will love. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show for a time that no one in the family will forget. Or you can hit up the five floor interactive theme park for a great time. Make sure you check out the variety of shopping areas to get the souvenirs you will need to bring back home so you always remember your Disney Vacation!

Downtown Disney is a great way for adults to have a fantastic time as well. Drop the kids off at the huge, state-of-the-art AMC movie theater and head out to one of the fancier dining facilities in the area. There’s plenty to choose from, including Bongo’s Cuban Cafe where you can enjoy dinner and dance afterwards!

There is so much to do on a Disney Vacation for the entire family. You and your family could spend days at Downtown Disney let alone the other parks in Disney World. You might think of Downtown Disney as a more laidback part of your Disney Vacation, but really, it is an attraction in itself. If you are going to Disney, you have to see Downtown Disney!

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