Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney World has so many fantastic resorts. It can be a little overwhelming when you’re looking for the perfect place to stay on your Disney Vacation. Choosing the right resort for your family can take an already great and memorable Disney Vacation and make it spectacular and unforgettable. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, there are so many great things that your family (especially the kids!) will love and remember forever!

The Animal Kingdom Lodge has a great design. The architect and designers were inspired by African-style architecture. There are plenty of thatched-looking roofs and lots of fascinating African art all over the walls of the lodge. The lodge is even decorated with real African artifacts and carvings. From the beginning, you can tell that staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is more of an experience than a place to sleep on your Disney Vacation.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is family-friendly—no matter the ages of the kids. The lodge has a great swimming pool with an awesome water slide that the kids will love. There’s even a much smaller, shallow, “kiddy” pool for much younger kids. The 24/7 game room ensures that the kids will never be bored either. Plus the Animal Kingdom Lodge provides a supervised “Cubhouse” so Mom and Dad can enjoy a nice relaxing dinner and have some peaceful time to plan the rest of their vacation.

While at the Animal Kingdom Lodge you won’t be able to miss the main attraction. The lodge is situated in a huge wildlife preserve. Everyone in the family will love staying at a place surrounded by exotic African animals. Everyday, you will get to see animals like zebras, antelopes, flamingos, pelicans and more! This perk of the Animal Kingdom Lodge will be something you remember forever! Be sure to schedule a tour of the grounds with the Wanyama Safari to get the full up-close-and-personal experience of the beautiful wildlife. Your kids will thank you for it!

Last but not least, there’s plenty of fascinating restaurants at the Lodge. Explore new cuisines at two of the African-style restaurants or have a normal family vacation dinner at the American-style restaurant. No matter what you decide to stay during your stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge you will have an excellent time. There are plenty of memories to be had here on your Disney Vacation.

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