Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

All the Disney resorts at Disney World offer a lot to vacationers. Each one is unique in its own way and is a memorable part of any Disney Vacation. One of the coolest resorts at Disney World is Disney’s Board Walk Villas.

The BoardWalk Villas are designed to mimic the style of 1920s East Coast America. The BoardWalk Villas sit on the beautiful Crescent Lake so already you know your family will have lots to do. It is also right next to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. The area is beautiful and inviting with lots to do for everyone.

In addition to all of the activities that Crescent Lake has to offer (like renting watercraft and fishing) the BoardWalk Villas have a 200 foot waterslide that the kids will be dying to fly down! The slide is in the resort’s very own water park. The BoardWalk even has quiet pools for those who want a little relaxation. The whole family can have a great time checking out the real boardwalk outside of the resort that lines the lake. There’s nothing like finding a great shop for souvenirs on the boardwalk!

After an afternoon checking out the boardwalk, head to one of the excellent number of dining options at the BoardWalk Villas. There’s something for every family here, from an excellent Mediterranean style restaurant to the ESPN Club, where you can get classic American food. There’s even a brewery where you can get great pub food and also some unique beverages!

One huge plus for Disney’s BoardWalk Villas is the nightlife. Send the kids to the nearby community hall or 24-hour gaming center and playground so Mom, Dad, and the older family members can check out all that BoardWalk has to offer. BoardWalk has a huge dance hall where plenty of great DJs work. Nearby there is a dueling piano bar. At BoardWalk families of all ages will have something they will love!

So whether you are coming to Disney with some older children or simply want a relaxed and more adult-friendly place to stay, Disney’s BoardWalk Villas is the place you want. The young ones shouldn’t have all of the fun during the day at the wonderful parks of Disney World right? Enjoy the best of both worlds by staying at the BoardWalk during your Disney Vacation and your family will thank you!

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