Theme Parks

One of the greatest things about Disney World is its theme parks. When you book a vacation to Disney World you are getting more than just a vacation. Each theme park could be its own wonderful resort and vacation destination and Disney World has six of them! There are four traditional parks and two water parks.

The original theme park, Magic Kingdom, is the place that kids dream about visiting one day. The park, as well as Disney World, is most known for the iconic Cinderella’s Castle. Here you can meet all of the Disney characters and explore a place that has been transformed into a true piece of Disney on earth.

The next park is the very unique Epcot. Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Here visitors can visit and enjoy the cultures and foods of eleven different countries, including Japan, Mexico, and Germany! In addition to this there are plenty of futuristic gadgets and presentations that will blow you away!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios let’s you and your family experience a Hollywood away from Hollywood. There is plenty to see and do here, including meeting some famous characters from Disney movies and seeing what’s behind the scenes of all that movie magic.

One of the largest and most unique parks in Disney World is the Animal Kingdom. Here you can visit seven different areas full of fun for the whole family. Shows and performances can be seen in each area as well we a variety of exotic animals that you’ll never forget coming face to face with!

When it starts to heat up at Disney World, there are two water parks worth going to! The first is Blizzard Beach. This water park is fun for the entire family. Blizzard Beach is home to one of the fastest and tallest water slides in the world: Summit Plummit. And there’s plenty more to do at Blizzard Beach!

The other water park you can visit on your Disney Vacation, Typhoon Lagoon, the most visited water park in the world. Once you’re finished with Blizzard Beach you can head to Typhoon Lagoon for the world’s largest outdoor wave pool. The atmosphere at the Lagoon is great. Plus there are tons of slides and rides for the entire family to enjoy.

As you can see, Disney World has so much to offer as a vacation destination and this is only the parks! There are plenty of restaurants, hotels, and shows to see at Disney World so make sure you go on that Disney Vacation you’ve been dreaming of!