Blizzard Beach

Blizzard BeachWhen the summer days get heated and the theme parks get crowded, take a dip in the cool waters at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Keep things cool in this winter wonderland of a water park that is placed right in the middle of the Disney oasis. With a completely unique water park theme, Disney’s Blizzard Beach is sure to keep you entertained for hours upon end. If these reasons alone aren’t enough reason for you to visit Blizzard Beach, let’s look at some other details that just might be the ice(ing) on the slide.

With attractions for all ages and for the entire family, Blizzard Beach could be considered your one stop water park shop. It’s everything that you need for the entire family. Take the whole family on a race down the Toboggan Racers or make your way across Country Creek. Being able to enjoy rides together with all family members is always special and these attractions give you that opportunity.

Maybe it is a little thrill action that you seek. Thrills can be found in more than just Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Blizzard Beach is home to Summit Plummet. The attraction has been called a “thrill-of-a-lifetime” and is one of the tallest and fastest waterslides in the country. If this slide designed to give you the experience of a downhill skier can’t put chills up your spine then nothing will.

So, maybe you are just looking for a place for the kids to hang out while you relax on the pool deck or on the edge of the pool. The Tike’s Peak children’s play area and the humongous one-acre wave pool has got you covered.

Do not let the back story of this snow-filled pleasure in the sun hold you back. The park isn’t an actual ski resort, but it could definitely fool you from the outside. You may cross paths with the park on accident and believe you are hallucinating. But, be rest assured that you are not. You are simply awe-struck and marveling at Disney’s amazing creative genius at work once again.

Paying a visit to Disney’s Blizzard Beach will undoubtedly be a highlight during your Disney Vacation. Make sure that you put a checkmark to what online reviewers are calling, “Disneyfied Water Fun”, “fun in the snow but in the heat”, and the “best water park EVER!” Blizzard Beach has it all.

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