EpcotAdults will never feel out of place at the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, also known simply as Epcot. The name sums up exactly what brainchild Walt Disney created with this remarkable park. So why should you choose Epcot? Because the people at Epcot bring to you 11 countries and tons of futuristic worlds and ideas brought to life all in one hub.

Take a trip around the World Showcase and visit shops, restaurants, and experience the cultures and cuisines of Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. Discover live action performances throughout the different countries as you visit one after the other. Experiencing such a diversity of cultures in one location is eye-opening and a pure pleasure. Adults and children will both be amazed at the interactions with staff and residents of the worlds created here.
Step into Future World and prepare to see a completely different side of Epcot. Dad will be mesmerized by the gadgets of tomorrow and by the futuristic realities. The kids will be clamoring to the different exhibits, presentations, and amazing sites that are kept here. The Epcot icon, Spaceship Earth, and it’s likeliness to a gigantic golf ball will capture the imagination of all who enter the park.

The attractions of Epcot are one of a kind. Home to one of the fastest coasters in all of Disney, Test Track is an example of how the attractions here are pushing the envelope. The theme park is full of interactive attractions and hands-on experiences. This totally unique experience will have your family reliving your experiences in amazement long after your trip to Disney.

The entertainment and dining options at Epcot are one of the most diverse collections that you will find anywhere. The 11 country World Showcase boasts such food options as Canada’s Le Cellier Steakhouse, France’s Les Chefs de France, Germany’s Biergarten Restaurant, and more. Want to get the kids a little more excited? Check out the Norwegian Akershus Banquet Hall and find yourself dining with Disney Princesses.

Epcot truly is a unique experience and a true wonder in the magical oasis that is Walt Disney World. Your family will take home an experience filled with intrigue, discovery, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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