ESPN Wide World of Sports

Do you have active kids that love to play? Young athletes that are just beginning to compete? Does your family enjoy playing sports? Well, on a Disney Vacation there is no need to leave sports behind. The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney World is a sports lover’s dream and definitely worth a visit on your Disney Vacation. With admission costing less than $15 for adults and $10 for children visiting the Complex is a no-brainer! The facility has plenty of fields and courts for any sport you can imagine plus tons of training equipment that your kids would love to play with! The Complex itself is 270 acres large! There is easily an entire day’s worth of entertainment and action.

Fans of baseball or softball? The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex has four full-sized baseball fields and six softball diamonds. You can bring the family to watch the Atlanta Braves during their spring training. Or you can simply play a game of baseball with other athletes on vacation. Even better for your kids than simply playing, is the opportunity to get some training from more skilled athletes in baseball, or any sport for that matter.

There’s something for every family at the Complex. Your family and especially your children will love using state of the art sports equipment and playing on high quality courts and fields. There are plenty of tennis courts available as well as basketball courts and soccer fields. The Jostens Center is capable of housing and accommodating a variety of sports, from wrestling to inline hockey. Whether you decide to participate or are simply a fan of sports there’s something for you too.

There are adequate and well designed seating areas for anyone visiting to watch any competition, tournament, or training that is going on at the Complex. So if your family likes the atmosphere of watching a great game of baseball, soccer, or whatever you like, you can simply enjoy everything the Complex has to offer and take it all in from the stands. Be sure to check out the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Complex’s schedule because there are tons of special events going on all the time. Your kids could participate in some of the organized tournaments. Maybe you will want to watch one of the huge youth team tournaments for soccer or other sports that Disney organizes.

There are quite a few more buildings and fields at the Complex, plus there are a variety of other events depending on the time of year. You should definitely visit on your Disney Vacation to discover them all!

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