Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon LagoonTyphoon Lagoon. That name sounds a little intense. But there is no reason to be concerned! There are plenty of reasons to go to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon in Walt Disney World. Disney World is known for its water parks and the Typhoon Lagoon is arguably the best one! It’s a wonderful place to cool off and have tons of fun with the whole family at Disney World.

Visiting the Typhoon Lagoon should be one of the top attractions on your Disney World vacation. Why? Well first of all you will be amazed at the atmosphere that Disney has created for the Lagoon. You will really feel like you are on one of those tropical islands that captured your imagination when you were younger. Imagine being able to make such an experience a part of your kids’ childhood!

But your kids might not remember all the details of the scenery considering how much fun they are going to be having at the water park. Typhoon Lagoon has the world’s largest outdoor wave pool. In addition to this there are three roller coaster-like water slides so if you have older children or teenagers you can be sure they will be entertained. While the kids are having the time of their lives, you can ride around the entire park on the lazy river or check out six of the other great water slides at the park. Most importantly there is no need to be worried about your family. Disney has plenty of lifeguards on duty to make sure everyone is safe at the park.

Feel like doing something together with the entire family? Spend some of the day at the Shark Reef snorkeling with real sharks and colorful fish! Or you can go on a large family-sized raft down a huge water slide. Do you have younger kids that might not enjoy such intense fun? Not a problem. Typhoon Lagoon has a large area for kids in preschool or younger to have a blast.

So, while you are making plans for your next, or maybe your first, Disney Vacation, keep the Typhoon Lagoon in mind. The park is a guaranteed great time for the entire family. Spend a day (or maybe two) at the Typhoon Lagoon and you will have memories you can cherish for a lifetime and your kids will thank you for bringing them to such an awesome water park.

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