Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Ever wanted to spend your Disney Vacation taking in all that the Florida Keys have to offer? You can at the Disney Old Key West Resort. The design of the resort gets its inspiration from the beautiful Florida Keys. There are over 700 rooms at this resort catering to families and couples alike. You’ll have plenty of privacy and relaxation since the entire resort is on an island hamlet. Guests can experience a welcoming and soothing atmosphere that is more like a dream home than a resort.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort is a great place to wind down after taking the family to see some of the wonderful parks and sights that Disney World has to offer. You can even spend the day doing things around the resort itself if you wanted to! Feel like working out in the morning before you take the kids to the Magic Kingdom? You can play tennis, basketball, and many other sports at the resort. Or just head to the high quality gym and workout like normal. Maybe you just need to spend some time in the sauna or get a relaxing massage. The Old Key West Resort provides all of this so your Disney Vacation is a relaxing and memorable time for you and your family.

Unlike most of the other resorts, the Old Key West Resort has its own golf course and some beautiful areas for boating. The kids can spend a few hours in the resort’s many pools or in one of the two gaming centers. The community hall is also available for organized activities, arts and crafts, and games of all sorts. While the kids are having fun, enjoy a round of golf or spend some grown-up time out boating for a few hours. Dad, Mom, and the kids will be happy they got to stay at such a wonderful resort.

After the day is over, you can prepare a meal as a family in your personal kitchen. If you don’t feel like doing that, no problem. There are plenty of options for getting dinner at one of the nearby restaurants that serve excellent food. You will always be rested and well-fed for the next day of exploring Disney during your vacation if you stay at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

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